Welcome to Susan’s Veg Recipes, a site dedicated to healthy
and compassionate living through delicious vegan cooking.

Susan’s Veg Recipes
evolved from the realization,
through proven research and
personal testimony, that a
plant-based lifestyle is the
very best choice for human

“From the Earth with Love” is
available for purchase today.

I wanted to re-create traditional recipes, using vegan options, to dispel
the myth that vegetarian food is limited, sparse, bland, and unappetizing.
I feel this mission has been accomplished and I’m sharing the “fruits of
my labor” here with you. If you are just transitioning from a meat-based
diet, I want to assure you that cooking and baking without meat, dairy or
eggs (vegan) is easier than you think. There are many substitutes for
these items that I use on a regular basis with great success.

All of the ingredients for my recipes are easily found in regular
supermarkets and natural food stores.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Susan Kline

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